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into the deep

"is rodney still down there"

24 January 1988
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My names Samantha, I'm at Chester university. I'm taking psychology and archaeology. My favourite shows are stargate and stargate atlantis. Loved the film - hated who played daniel and Jack - prefere the series much better. Wish they would bring Richard Dean Anderson back.
I like hanging out with friends, watching atlantis on t.v. and reading fanfictions.
Ive been on Simon Webbe's 'Lay your arms' video - which was cool.
I have a 3 yr old neice called Jordan, who i love to bits.
My dream would be to work with david hewlett who you know is totally gonna end up singing and playing his guitar in an episode since hes done in his other films - would be rather amusing!!! and paul mcgillion who is just so lovely in person!